TIGER Drylac announces two new color additions to its Metallics product line. TIGER Drylac Flip-Flop Metallics change colors in different lighting conditions and at different angles. This technology provides brilliant sparking metallic effects in weather resistant, super durable powder coating. They are formulated in TIGER Drylac Series 58 chemistry for a long-lasting color shift effect.

Key features of Flip-Flop Metallics are:
• Two metallic colors (Sunrise Black and Tropical Red)
• High brilliance and bright color-changing effects
• Looks best on curvaceous surfaces, exposed to sunlight
• For best effects, spray over black, but works with any base color
• Use glossy or matte clear topcoat
• Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
• Smooth application (little to no rework required)
• Smooth texture

Flip-Flop Metallic products are now in stock at TIGER Drylac USA and may be ordered by any TIGER location across North America.

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