Marine Specialized Technology (MST) Group has been announced as the winner in a competitive tender process with the U.K. MOD Defense Equipment & Support Organization (DE&S) to supply 18 high-speed patrol craft to the U.K. Ministry of Defense Police (MDP) and Gibraltar Defense Police (GDP). The five year contract is worth £36 million ($50.4 millon).

The vessels, designed by MST in partnership with BMT, will be 15 meters in length and powered by twin inboard diesel propulsion engines driving twin Marine Jet Power 350X waterjets waterjets. The new design focuses on reduced fuel consumption and performance, designed to be a 30-knot vessel. 

The bridge will sport a fully integrated C4ISR and craft management system, using the latest open-architecture structure and shock mitigation crew seating. Each vessel will carry three crew members and up to four passengers.

The craft will replace the current 14- and 15-meter police patrol launches currently in use by the MDP and GDP. Sixteen of the new vessels will go to the MOD Police and the remaining two to the GDP.

Construction has already started on the design project, and the first police patrol craft is expected to be delivered in July 2022.

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