June 22, 2021

Illustration only - A Jack-up rig / Credit; bomboman/AdobeStock

Illustration only – A Jack-up rig / Credit; bomboman/AdobeStock

Offshore drilling contractor Valaris said Tuesday that it had secured work for one of its jack-up drilling rigs off the coast of Qatar.

The company said it was awarded a contract with North Oil Company, which will see the VALARIS JU-110 deployed for three years starting from the fourth quarter of 2021.

The high-spec, HPHT capable KFELS MOD V – Super B Class jackup, in service since 2015, is rated to 400-foot water depths and 35,000 feet maximum drilling depth. Valaris did not share the financial details of the deal.

North Oil Company, operates the Al-Shaheen offshore oil field. The Al-Shaheen oil field is Qatar’s largest and includes facilities consisting of 33 platforms and more than 300+ wells.

North Oil Company is a joint venture between Total and Qatar Petroleum, which took over the operatorship over the field back in mid-2017 from Maersk Oil, which had operated the field since 1992. In early 2018, Total (as of recently TotalEnergies) acquired Maersk Oil, too.

Worth noting, North Oil Company last week awarded a three-year deal for Japan Drilling Company’s jack-up drilling rig Hakuryu-10 at the Al-Shaheen, too.

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