The second-quarter curriculum of nationwide training seminars for the Valspar Automotive brand has been released. 


These sessions, offered through Valspar training centers, provide continuing education for collision repair professionals. 


The April, May and June schedule focuses on the following refinishing systems from Valspar: DeBeer Refinish, Matrix Edge, Valspar Refinish and Valspar Industrial Mix (VIM).


“Valspar training courses are designed to keep automotive refinishing professionals up-to-date on current trends and technologies,” said Rob Mowson, marketing VP, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. “We want to equip them with the right skills – ones that will help them meet the evolving needs of their customers.” 


A complete list of the second quarter training sessions includes:


Atlanta Training Center – 4799 Aviation Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 

  • June 7 – DeBeer Refinish BeroBase 500 System Painter Certification

Valspar Training Center – 1517 W. Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX

  • April 13 – DeBeer Refinish 900 WaterBase 900+ Series Painter Certification;
  • April 15 – DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series Color Adjustment;
  • April 27 – Matrix Edge Painter Certification;
  • May 13 – Valspar Refinish Painter Certification;
  • May 18 – Valspar Industrial Mix (VIM);
  • June 1 – DeBeer Refinish Painter Certification;
  • June 3 – DeBeer Refinish Berobase 500 System Color Adjustment;
  • June 8 – Valspar Refinish LVB Painter Certification;
  • June 29 – Matrix Edge Painter Certification


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