Van Horn, Metz & Co., Inc.,(VHM) a globally-sourced, specialty raw material distributor for paints, coatings, plastics and inks, has acquired Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. of Tullytown, PA, a distributor of industrial chemicals for personal care, rubber, elastomers and lubricants. Discussions began in June 2021 and the agreement was finalized December 23, 2021.

“Van Horn, Metz engaged in discussions with Ivanhoe Industries to offer customers a more complete palate of specialty raw materials,” said Barry Fisher, president of VHM. “In our uncertain times, adding Ivanhoe’s sourcing contacts strengthens the merged business for customers and our supply chain partners.”

This acquisition highlights VHM’s understanding that manufacturing relies on raw materials, but sourcing materials is time-consuming and challenging. With VHM and Ivanhoe Industries, customers will get the specialty raw materials they need to create innovative products that will help grow their business.

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