Marc Vanover plastics industry veteran has founded Vercolos Pigments Inc.; a start-up importer and distributor of pigments located in Belton, South Carolina. Vanover will also serve as the company’s President. Previously, he has enjoyed sales management, and technical director positions for PolyOne, M.A. Hanna Color, Techmer PM and Allied Color. 

Vercolos Pigments has been named the exclusive distributors for Vipul Organics of Mumbai, India, offering under the name of SunTone a full line of high-performance organic pigments.  Added to that list are Vipul’s Ultramarine Blue and Chrome Pigments under the trade name Chromatherm.

Vercolos Pigments was founded in late 2021 and is engaged in importing, stocking and distributing pigments to the coatings, plastics and ink industries. Vanover has divulged that “Vercolos Pigments has signed an exclusive agreement covering North America to distribute the line of Vipul Organics pigments, and pigment preparations. He is convinced that Vercolos will quickly be recognized as the “go to” service-oriented company focused on customer satisfaction and on delivering extraordinary value with exceptional products. Vercolos Pigments is beginning to stock and distribute from its warehouse facility in Belton, South Carolina. With approximately 125,000 square feet of warehouse space, they are strategically located within a one-day shipping radius of 40 percent of the coatings, plastics, and ink processors in the United States.

Vanover added, “The founding of this company also affords the opportunity to really fill a niche market and fulfills a dream of mine to become backwards integrated. Getting this off the ground has been hard work, honest sweat, and pure determination. The knowledgeable staff at Vercolos Pigments operate a fully functional lab where they perform various comparative tests to support every customer. Full container, high quality, cost saving pigments have arrived in the US and are on the water. The rapid consolidation of the pigment industry in the past two years has allowed for the formation of mega pigment suppliers. Historically during market consolidations like this companies will reduce staff, rationalize products, and close manufacturing sites.  Service will suffer and the customer will pay for that with higher prices creating a giant vacuum allowing smaller, more nimble companies to fill that space.  Mark is convinced that Vercolos is that reliable supply partner you’ve been looking for.”

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