Equinor, Engie and Enel are taking part in a project focused on sharing operational performance data from offshore and onshore wind turbines.

The key objective of the project is to unlock operational insights and create an operational turbine performance baseline, with the expected outcome of reducing data dependency to OEMs, improving analytics and developing a transparent global performance benchmark.

The program is open to any turbine owner. A series of seminars will take place at the beginning of 2021 to enable interested parties to assess opportunities and coordinate platform development efforts.

This is a truly ambitious program that will put an end to the OEMs superior position with regards to global performance data. As it is today, only the OEMs can fully harvest the benefits of data analytics and benchmarking, which puts asset owners at a disadvantage,” said Mårten Nilsson, CEO of O2OWIND and coordinator of the project. 

According to Sverre Trollnes, Head of Asset Management at Equinor, this initiative is particularly relevant in the offshore industry.

“Considering the short production series of turbines within offshore wind, sharing data among owners is a necessity to gain better control. We see the O2O Data Sharing Initiative as a new tool to constantly improve our operation, by enabling our lead engineers to exchange with their peers and establish these much needed operational baselines,” Trollnes stated.

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