Global engineering company Wood has signed a three-year contract with Norwegian state-owned operator Gassco to support the safe and secure transportation of gas from Norway to the UK and Europe.

Wood and Gassco partner up to ensure Europe's energy supply
Easington; Courtesy of Wood

Under the contract, Wood will work closely with Gassco to renovate the gas receiving facilities. It will provide EPC management services across the Easington (UK), Zeebrügge (Belgium), Dunkerque (France), Dornum (Germany), and Emden (Germany) receiving terminals.

Combined, these terminals receive around 100 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas from the Norwegian Continental Shelf annually. Therefore, Wood is to ensure a safe, secure, and efficient energy supply to Europe in the face of increasing demand.

On the other hand, Equinor and Norway’s government recently made a plan to maintain high gas exports to Europe. Thus, the country’s energy ministry approved applications for revised production permits for the Oseberg, Troll, and Heidrun fields.

Moreover, Neptune Energy will double gas output from the North Sea field to help meet demand in Europe. This will enable an increase in gas production from the Duva field by 6,500 boepd, from the first half of April.

Wood plans to increase the efficiency of its onshore terminals to ensure safe gas receipt across the UK and Europe. With this, it will be providing critical energy security in the energy transition, according to the company’s officials.

The contract will employ teams across Wood’s engineering hubs and the terminal sites in the UK and across continental Europe.

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