The Company’s Disruptive Technology Gaining Global Acceptance

MASSILLON, Ohio (Month ##, 2020)Tesla NanoCoatings Inc. announces the issuance of two new patents which relate to tuning nanomaterials.”

The company further strengthened its already impressive intellectual property portfolio with the addition of the patents.  The patents include one Malaysian and one Canadian patent.  The company’s disruptive carbon nanotechnology is radically changing the standard for protective coatings.  These patents permit Tesla NanoCoatings to protect its advanced carbon nanotechnology globally.

Tesla NanoCoatings Chief Nanoscientist and Inventor, Dr. Jorma Virtanen, stated, “These new patents will enable us to improve our coatings to deliver even greater life expectancy and more durability in a safer environment while delivering significant reduction to CAPEX and OPEX expenditures.”

“In spite of our universal lead in the field of nanocoatings, we remain committed to a strong research and development effort,” stated Todd Hawkins, President and CEO. 

Companies and organizations all over the world contact Tesla NanoCoatings to solve their most extreme corrosion problems.  CEO Hawkins further added, “Our intellectual property portfolio allows us to make advancements in our coatings that address severe corrosion problems.” 

“Our customers in the North America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe are very supportive and are encouraged by our R&D programs,” said Hawkins.


  1. TUNABLE MATERIALS, Malaysia MY-173523-A, Granted 2020-01-31
  2. TUNABLE MATERIALS, Canada CA 2877688, Granted 2020-02-27

About Tesla NanoCoatings

Tesla NanoCoatings, Inc. is a technology company based in Massillon, Ohio. The company’s product line is Teslan®, a highly effective corrosion control coating for structural steel utilizing carbon nanotubes, which self-assemble into rope structures, making them highly conductive, tough and flexible.  Combined with an extensive intellectual property portfolio, Tesla NanoCoatings, Inc. incorporates features that no other technology can deliver; offering validated corrosion control, world leading nanotechnology manipulation, and 2 x 1 Wet Edge application process.

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