Tesla NanoCoatings


Tesla NanoCoating Midstream Market

The transportation and refinement of oil and gas creates unusual challenges to the major oil and gas companies throughout the world. Pipelines and refineries operating in the very harshest of environments on earth face major corrosion problems. Teslan can help protect steel surfaces from oxidation and reduce the dangers associated with corrosion and the cost of fighting rust.

Extensive and ongoing testing proves Teslan’s patented nanotechnology two-coat primer-topcoat system outperforms conventional three-coat paint jobs for superior corrosion protection of steel. No matter when or where you need Teslan protection, we are able to deliver to your schedule and specifications.

Whether you have corrosion to deal with on pipelines, compression stations, storage tanks and refineries, oil and gas operations must contend with salt water, extreme heat and cold. Teslan testing continues to demonstrate superior performance in the most extreme oil and gas environments.

Teslan’s difference is that it is formulated with carbon nanotubes that assemble into ropelike structures that make them tough and flexible. “Tough” translates into durability advantages over foes like weather, UV light, abrasion and other wear and tear. “Flexible” means Teslan-coated surfaces can be formed after coating and still remain intact because the carbon nanotubes can be stretched without breaking.

Tesla NanoCoatings has conducted exhaustive testing which revealed the following benefits:

  • Cathodic Protection — The addition of conductive carbon nanotubes (CNT) allows for the more efficient use of the metal content in a galvanic primer. This leads to improved cathodic protection as electrons from the zinc are donated along the CNT quantum network that has 1000 times the conductivity of copper.
  • Barrier — Teslan applies like paint but acts like plating. As the strongest material known to man, CNT’s mechanical properties can be engineered into epoxy and impart those properties into the film. These benefits include tremendous tensile strength, up to 200 times of steel providing outstanding barrier properties, the ability to eliminate microcracking and prevent film breakdown from weathering.
  • Adhesion — With an affinity for steel and the strength provided by the CNT reinforced film, Tesla’s demonstrate far superior adhesion to any other coating. Pull test results routinely exceed 5,500 lbs./sq.in.
  • Elimination of the Stripe Coat — A study was conducted to evaluate the effect CNT’s have in edge retention properties. The incorporation of CNT’s into epoxy composite coatings can significantly improve edge retention. Tesla Coatings superior edge retention means that stripe coatings is not required on any project. Since the coatings do not drip or sag, the complete job can be done by spraying only.
  • 2×1 Wet Edge™ — Tesla NanoCoatings’ wet-on-wet process enables applicators to apply the topcoat 30 to 45 minutes after the primer has been applied. Wet-on-wet process delivers major time and cost savings along with technologically advanced corrosion protection advantages because the primer and topcoat monolithically bond.

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