The harsh conditions of midstream environments push protective coatings to their limits. Continuous exposure to UV rays, abrasion, high salinity conditions and the imminent threat of oxidation are just a few of the challenges that steel structures must contend with every day. TESLAN coatings demonstrate unmatched abrasion resistance and superior cathodic protection to maximize the longevity of your steel assets in midstream applications.


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Carbon Nanotube Technology Sets TESLAN Apart

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TESLAN demonstrates strength beyond the parameters of modern testing standards. The mechanical damage assumed in corrosion creep tests is rarely seen in real world applications due to TESLAN’s superior durability. In adhesion tests, even the best glues available will fail before TESLAN coatings do.

The key to TESLAN’s unparalleled strength is our innovative carbon nanotube (CNT) technology. CNTs, hollow cylinder structures made of pure carbon, just a fraction of the width of a human hair, arrange themselves throughout the coating into a three dimensional matrix. This rebar-like structure makes our coatings both tough and flexible. This translates into durability advantages over foes like weather, UV light, abrasion and other daily wear and tear. Reduced maintenance and longer coating life deliver huge cost savings to our customers.

Extensive nanotechnology research and development prove that TESLAN’s patented two-coat system outperforms conventional three-coat systems for superior protection of steel surfaces. Whether you deal with pipelines, compression stations, or storage tanks, TESLAN provides unrivaled resistance to corrosion in the face of the harshest midstream conditions.

TESLAN is Engineered for Superior Cathodic Protection

While CNT technology alone is undeniably incredible, it’s the combination of zinc with CNT’s in TELSAN coatings that contributes to phenomenal cathodic protection against corrosion. Zinc will oxidize before steel does when exposed to electrolyte-rich conditions such as the coastal environments faced by midstream assests, making it an ideal additive to work in conjunction with carbon nanotubes.

CNTs possess immense electrical conductivity- 1000 times that of copper. This allows for more efficient use of the galvanic metal content in our primer coat. The zinc in our coating donates its electrons along the CNT quantum network to maximize the cathodic protection of the steel beneath.

Our coatings imbue the mechanical properties of CNTs into the film, resulting in benefits including tremendous tensile strength-up to 50 times that of steel alone- outstanding barrier properties, the ability to eliminate microcracking, and prevention of film breakdown due to weathering. These strengths and more all contribute to the longevity of our TESLAN coatings, so that your steel assets can be protected for years to come.

Easily Apply TESLAN In Just One Visit

Unlike traditional coatings, TESLAN’s two-coat system applies quickly and with ease. Gone are the days of creating complex schedules to work around dry times- streamline your schedule with the simplicity of TESLAN. When applied to pipelines and storage tanks, TESLAN exhibits extraordinary durability to protect your steel assets despite high impacts and repeated abrasion. Experience the toughness of a protective plating with the easy application of a paint.

Results of studies show that the incorporation of CNTs into the TESLAN coatings yield edge retention of up to 100% without stripe coating. This means that stripe coating is not required with TESLAN systems, saving you both time and money. CNTs prevent common paint issues like runs and sags, so application can be completed in a single visit without any need for touch ups even on your most complex geometries.

Is your team dealing with a time crunch? TESLAN’s quick application can get your midstream project back on schedule. Tesla NanoCoatings’ unique wet-on-wet process enables applicators to apply the topcoat only 30 to 45 minutes after the primer has been applied. This process delivers advanced corrosion protection provided by a monolithic bond formed between the primer and topcoat- on top of significant time and cost savings.

carbon nano

To learn more about how TESLAN coatings can offer superior protection of steel in just a fraction of the time, give us a call or send us an email today.

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