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James McDonald Joins the Tesla NanoCoatings’ Team

James McDonald, a protective coatings industry expert joins Tesla NanoCoatings.  With over 20 years-experience in protective coatings industry where his focus was primarily oil and gas, McDonald will add to Tesla NanoCoatings oil and gas industry expertise. … Read More

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Tesla NanoCoatings Hires Development Scientist

Tesla NanoCoatings, the global leader in carbon nanotechnology, has hired Ted Hammer to be its Development Scientist.  With its very strong intellectual property, Tesla NanoCoatings plans to continue to dominate carbon nanotechnology development.  … Read More

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Tesla NanoCoatings Awarded Patent on Breakthrough 2×1 Wet-on-Wet Process

New Technology Delivers Substantial Cost Savings Tesla NanoCoatings announced the patent award of its breakthrough wet-on-wet application process for Teslan® primer and topcoats as the company strengthens its leadership in carbon nanotube corrosion protection technology. Named 2×1 Wet Edge™, Tesla … Read More

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Nano Non-Skid Coating for Offshore Environments

Danos, Graco, and Tesla NanoCoatings recently worked together to develop a functional non-slip deck coating for offshore clients. Their work, which was profiled in Materials Performance (MP) magazine, explains how a coatings applicator was able to overcome many traditional challenges through the use of … Read More

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Materials Performance Magazine: Non-Skid Coating Safety Solutions for Offshore Structures

Read the “Cover Story” in this issue of Materials Performance Magazine. Learn about: -Non-Skid Coating Safety Solutions for Offshore Structures. -A Systems Approach to Protecting Your Assets CLICK HERE or ON THE COVER IMAGE TO THE LEFT.

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