Few environments on earth are as corrosive as those which offshore oil and gas structures are exposed to. From safeguarding sub-sea structures to topsides, TESLAN offshore oil and gas coatings can help protect all steel surfaces from oxidation. Our unique two-step coatings reduce the dangers associated with corrosion and the cost of fighting rust in the offshore industry.


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The Challenges of Offshore Coatings Maintenance

As offshore development continues to evolve further from coastlines and into deeper water, the environmental, safety, and financial costs associated with maintaining surface coatings to protect these assets from corrosion has increased significantly.

During the recent COVID pandemic, personnel-on-board (POB) for manned assets were restricted to critical operations staff only, for health and safety reasons. This pandemic period severely restricted oil and gas Operators’ ability to carry out their fabric maintenance campaigns as planned. Many Operators found themselves struggling to keep up with maintenance painting efforts prior to the pandemic.

The reduced POB over the past 18 months to implement fabric maintenance programs together with high commodity prices have amplified the urgency to make up lost time on asset integrity programs. Furthermore, life-extension programs for existing platforms are adding pressure for maintenance teams that are tasked with protecting, preserving and prolonging asset life.

Historically, oil and gas Operators have looked to NORSOK M-501, NACE TM0304-2004, AMPP TM 21612-2022, ISO 20340 or ISO 12944 CX to compare coating system performance for offshore use. These standards have undergone multiple revisions over the years in an effort to better align the accelerated test methods with field results seen offshore.

The challenge is that many offshore oil and gas coatings perform well in testing but yield only 2-5 years of life offshore. With failure and replacement rates this significant, traditional fabric maintenance programs often have large backlogs that become primarily reactive to prevent steel loss or replacement.

The Unique Performance of TESLAN Offshore Oil and Gas Coatings

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Offshore oil and gas producers throughout the world are searching for solutions to reduce maintenance costs and minimize failure risks. These producers are turning to TESLAN, an offshore oil and gas coating which has been used on platforms in the Middle East, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and West Africa. In all of the applications, TESLAN has been able to reduce maintenance costs anywhere from 30% to 50%.

Whether you have corrosion to deal with on offshore platforms, well-site surface production equipment, or downhole tubular products, TESLAN provides unmatched protection. Offshore oil and gas operations must contend with salt water, production fluids, impact and abrasion and many other corrosion-inducing factors.

Extensive nanotechnology research and development prove that TESLAN’s patented two-coat system outperforms conventional three-coat paint systems. Our innovative offshore coating is proven to provide superior protection of steel in the most extreme oil and gas production environments. No matter when or where you need TESLAN corrosion protection, we are able to deliver to your project’s schedule and specifications.

Tesla NanoCoatings Is on the Cutting Edge of Offshore Protection

Tesla NanoCoatings is a company founded this century with patented technology built to protect offshore assets. Our coating systems can be applied to your structures with the same equipment and manpower as traditional systems. The difference is, Tesla NanoCoatings actually work in offshore environments.

We understand the failure mechanisms that cause coatings to fail offshore and we’ve designed ours to act like a shield to protect steel substrates. Not only do our systems last and last and last, but they can also be applied in less than half the time of normal offshore systems. Oftentimes we’re even faster to apply when the substrate includes complex geometries found on topsides. If all this sounds too good to be true, and you’re looking for demonstrable results, we’ve applied our technology to over a million and a half square feet of steel in the Gulf of Mexico, not including the assets we’re protecting in the Middle East, the Caribbean and West Africa.

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TESLAN’s Revolutionary Carbon Nanotube Technology

Whether at the splash zone, top side, or immersion, offshore oil and gas production can be particularly problematic. Salt water and other corrosive compounds threaten steel’s strength and integrity by posing the risk of oxidation in an offshore environment.

Our primer includes zinc, known for its ability to act as a protective coating for steel in offshore applications thanks to its galvanic properties. This means that zinc will oxidize before steel does when exposed to harsh saltwater over time.

The addition of conductive carbon nanotubes (CNTs) drastically improves the conductivity of the coating, since CNTs have 1000 times the conductivity of copper. This allows for more efficient use of the metal content in a galvanic primer like ours.

Electrons from zinc are donated along the CNT quantum network to maximize cathodic protection of the steel beneath.

With an affinity for steel and the strength provided by the CNT reinforced film, TESLAN demonstrates far superior adhesion to other protective oil and gas coatings. TESLAN pull test results routinely exceed 5,500 lbs./

CNTs’ mechanical properties can be engineered into epoxy and impart those properties into the film. These benefits include tremendous tensile strength up to 50 times that of steel, providing outstanding barrier properties, the ability to eliminate microcracking, and prevention of film breakdown from weathering. You can expect nothing less from the strongest material known to man.

These features all contribute to the incredible durability of our TESLAN offshore coatings.

Apply TESLAN Offshore Oil and Gas Coatings with Ease

Your TESLAN’s two-coat system is a formulation featuring carbon nanotubes and their unique mechanical and conductive properties. It applies as easily as paint, but demonstrates the toughness of a plating.

When applied to offshore oil and gas production structures and equipment, TESLAN forms a protective barrier that is stronger than conventional anti-corrosive coatings and exhibits characteristics to withstand impacts and abrasion.

Tesla NanoCoatings’ wet-on-wet process enables applicators to apply the topcoat only 30 to 45 minutes after the primer has been applied. This wet-on-wet process delivers major time and cost savings, along with technologically advanced corrosion protection because the primer and topcoat monolithically bond to each other.

A study was conducted to evaluate the effect CNT’s have in edge retention properties. The incorporation of CNTs into epoxy composite coatings can significantly improve edge retention. Our coatings’ superior edge retention means that stripe coating is not required, saving you time and money. Goes Here

TESLAN® 1105 Nano Non-Skid Single-Coat Offshore Deck Coating

While our two-coat systems are a marvel of modern coating technologies, our non-skid offshore deck coating is truly revolutionary.

TESLAN® 1105 Nano Non-Skid combines CNTs, zinc, and a non-skid aggregate in a single epoxy-based offshore deck coating.

Broadcasting aggregate across a traditional epoxy coating for its non-skid properties is an often tedious process that takes days to complete and produces inconsistent results at best. Our coating eliminates the need for the broadcasting process entirely thanks to our aggregate being evenly dispersed throughout the epoxy itself, alongside CNTs and zinc. Where traditional coatings are applied in many alternating layers of epoxy and aggregate, our coating is instead applied in just a single coat for highly effective aggregate dispersal and protection that’s guaranteed to outlast in the harshest offshore environments. Minimize maintenance and downtime with our single-coat application process so you can get back to doing what you do best in just a fraction of the time.

To learn more about how TESLAN coatings can offer superior protection of steel assets like rigs and offshore structures in just a fraction of the time, give us a call or send us an email today.

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