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Teslan® Carbon Nanocoating is a two-coat system featuring low VOC epoxy primer and topcoat with significant advantages in corrosion protection, application time and labor. The most appealing features of Teslan is its ability to significantly reduce maintenance costs as much as 50% with its 2 x 1 Wet Edge technology. This technology allows applicators to apply the Teslan topcoat to the primer 30-45 minutes after the primer has been applied.



TESLAN® 3000 Epoxy Low-VOC Topcoat

TESLAN® 3100 Epoxy CNT Low-VOC Topcoat

TESLAN® 3102 Epoxy CNT Low-VOC Topcoat

TESLAN® 4000 Urethane CNT Low-VOC Topcoat


TESLAN® 0901 Type II Low VOC Epoxy Reducer

TESLAN® 0902 Type I Urethane Reducer

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