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Teslan® Carbon Nanocoating is a two-coat system featuring low VOC epoxy primer and topcoat with significant advantages in corrosion protection, application time and labor. The most appealing features of Teslan is its ability to significantly reduce maintenance costs as much as 50% with its 2 x 1 Wet Edge technology. This technology allows applicators to apply the Teslan topcoat to the primer 30-45 minutes after the primer has been applied.



TESLAN® 3000 Epoxy Low-VOC Topcoat

TESLAN® 3100 Epoxy CNT Low-VOC Topcoat

TESLAN® 3102 Epoxy CNT Low-VOC Topcoat

TESLAN® 4000 Urethane CNT Low-VOC Topcoat


TESLAN® 0901 Type II Low VOC Epoxy Reducer

TESLAN® 0902 Type I Urethane Reducer

Tesla NanoCoatings Launches
New NANO Non-Skid Technology

Combining Carbon Nanotubes and Aggregate

Two of the biggest offshore challenges are worker safety and maintenance.  Slip and falls are a common offshore platform injury according to the Maritime Industry Guide.  Slippery decks are not only dangerous, but they slow down production and maintenance.  There is now a product that provides unmatched corrosion protection, abrasion, wear and impact resistance with increased worker safety.

NANO Non-Skid’s Delivers Dual Benefits

NANO Non-Skid is Teslan 1105 Zn-CNT Single Coat Deck Epoxy.  The revolutionary new product is a solvent-based, three-component epoxy designed for the protection of steel and metallic substrates.  NANO Non-Skid incorporates carbon nanotubes (CNT’s) together with sacrificial zinc and non-Skid aggregate to provide enhanced durability, maximized corrosion inhibition and anti-Skid properties.

Provides mixing and application training to assist applicators in applying Teslan 1105 Single Coat Nano NonSkid Deck Epoxy.

Easy Application

The productivity of the NANO Non-Skid is unmatched.  As single coat with no broadcast required makes for quick application and return to service in less than a day compared to several days for multiple coat systems.

NANO Non-Skid is a single coat applied solution or when colors or markings are needed can be directly top-coated with various accent colors utilizing patent pending 2 x 1 WET EDGE application process.  WET EDGE allows coatings to applied wet on wet.

Product Development Rationale

The NANO Non-Skid coating was developed at the request of a customer, one of the major oil companies.  “Our customer was getting behind schedule in maintenance as the result of deck coatings that required multiple coats and aggregate that was hand broadcast into them” commented Todd Hawkins, President and Founder, Tesla NanoCoatings, Inc.  He further stated, “The company asked us to see if we could combine our carbon nanotechnology with an aggregate to develop a non-Skid coating.”  Tesla NanoCoating spent over two years working closely with two primary customers to create, refine and test the product.  The result is NANO Non-Skid a coating which adapts the benefits of carbon nanotubes to provide the toughest, safest and most economical deck coating system.

In developing NANO Non-Skid, Tesla NanoCoatings collaborated with two of its customers to conduct thousands of hours of testing to validate the product which will meet customer qualifications of ISO 12944 Offshore Corrosion Standards.

“The Industry’s strong commitment to safety enabled us to work closely with customers to develop NANO Non-Skid. Input from owners and applicators was critical through the development process,” added Malcolm Kerr, Vice President, Sales Tesla NanoCoatings.

For companies falling behind in their maintenance schedules, NANO Non-Skid is the perfect solution. It adapts the benefits of carbon nanotubes to provide the toughest, safest and most economical deck coating system.

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