Save Time with Tesla NanoCoatings’ Two-Coat System

Coating application is more often than not a time consuming process. Not only does the application itself require the attention and energy of skilled personnel, but operations come to a halt as areas are shut off for extended periods of time during the application and dry times of a coating.

In our previous article we discussed how Tesla NanoCoatings’ patented 2×1 Wet Edge™ technology eliminates the need for stripe coating when painting steel structures. While Wet Edge technology plays an incredibly significant factor in reducing coating application time, our advanced nanotechnology paint systems also eliminate another step that serves as a major bottleneck in traditional coatings.

Where traditional offshore coatings require three coats- with an optional stripe coat- TESLAN® by Tesla NanoCoatings only needs two coats total. No additional stripe coating is required, either. Here’s how it works.

TESLAN®: Next Gen Advanced Offshore Coating Systems

At Tesla NanoCoatings we are ecstatic to be ushering in the next generation of advanced offshore coating systems. Our coatings employ the latest carbon nanotube (CNT) technology to facilitate incredible asset adhesion and edge retention, while patented 2×1 Wet Edge™ technology is used to slash traditional application times in half.

The unique properties of carbon nanotubes and an epoxy film come together in an offshore coating system the likes of which have never been seen before. With our carefully curated selection of materials, TESLAN® offshore coating systems can be entirely applied from base to topcoat in just a single day.

Sure, it’s easy to make such a claim, but we have the data to back it up. A case study on an offshore structure in the Gulf of Mexico compared the application time of TESLAN® versus a traditional three-coat system. Here’s what the study found:

  • The primer coats of both TESLAN® and the competitor coating took the same amount of time to mix and apply.
  • In the time it took for the first layer of the traditional coating to dry, both the primer and topcoats of TESLAN® were not just applied but already dried and ready to handle.
  • The TESLAN® offshore coating system application and inspection were completed in just 17 hours. This included total dry time of the coating.
  • The competitor’s offshore coating system took 35 hours in total to apply and inspect.

This is only one of many cases in which Tesla NanoCoatings has proven to be an invaluable time saver for application technicians and owners alike. As a result of TESLAN®’s quick application process, maintenance downtime is minimized, and operators can return to work in just a fraction of the time.

Development of Our Nanotechnology Paint System

When developing the first products for Tesla NanoCoatings, it was integral to our founder Todd Hawkins to create a coating that possessed the strength of a steel plating yet applied as easily as a paint. With this goal in mind, he began meticulously devising a solution and came across an unexpected piece of the puzzle- carbon nanotubes. These nanoscopic tubes possess flexibility on their own, yet rigidity in numbers. In a unique behavior, CNTs self-align and form a matrix with one another, providing structural support like rebar. Not only are they strong, they are also highly conductive.

The emergence of CNT technology was pivotal to the formulation of the TESLAN® offshore coatings that we know today. The inclusion of carbon nanotubes is what allows our protective coatings to exhibit their incredible strength without the hassle of plating installation. Unlike other offshore coating systems, TESLAN® is highly resistant to impact and corrosion. With such a quick and easy application, our nanotechnology paint systems get to work in less than a day, providing long-lasting protection to your platforms and rigs.

How Tesla NanoCoatings Expedites ROI

One concern that we’ve received from new customers is the up-front cost of investing in a CNT based offshore coating system. We are happy to demonstrate that although the initial cost of our nanotechnology paint coatings is above the industry average, they outperform the industry’s average coatings by a mile- starting with an incredible ROI.

By cutting application time in half, our nanotechnology paint systems significantly expedite ROI for offshore oil rig & platform owners. With the quickest application time in the industry, these owners can begin to experience the benefits of our offshore coating systems that much faster.

As a result of the reduced downtime, workers can get back to performing their regularly scheduled value-added activities sooner. With wide offshore profit margins, regaining an entire day’s worth of work (if not more) is pivotal in expediting ROI for our customers.

Although there are some immediate benefits to be gained from the application of TESLAN®, the biggest financial impact is experienced throughout the life cycle of our coatings.

Thanks to the unrivaled durability of TESLAN®, coating failures and subsequent downtime for maintenance are minimized. With the inclusion of CNT technology, it is possible for our customers to see decades of life from their offshore coating systems- a significant upgrade from the 3-5 years seen in traditional coatings. Historically, going all the way back to the very first field application of TESLAN® in 2008, we have yet to see any one of our coatings fail. So, rather than having to apply fresh coatings every 5 or so years… and prep the platform for a new coating… and wait for each layer to dry… and halt profitable operations in the meantime… our customers can instead experience the peace of mind that comes with an offshore coating system that employs the strongest material known to man.

Your time is precious, so don’t waste any more of it. If you’re looking for a coating solution for your offshore structure that’s quick to apply and proven to last, contact Tesla NanoCoatings today.

To learn more about the technologies that define Tesla NanoCoatings, visit our About Page. If you’re interested in utilizing our quick coatings in your offshore, marine, or midstream operations, contact us today.