Crews mark Day of the Seafarer between a rock and a hard place as crew change crisis continues to brew

Photo credit: Asociación de Navieros Españoles – ANAVE As the shipping industry marks this year’s Day of the Seafarer, hundreds of thousands of seafarers continue to face challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to repatriation, shore … Read More

ITF urges global seafarer vaccination to prevent crew crisis 3rd wave

As the race between the virus and vaccine continues, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), section Seafarers, has called for global vaccination rollout to prevent the crew change crisis from spiraling out of control for a third time. As informed, … Read More

Seafarer Happiness Index: Lingering fears, worries and doubts over crew change

Lingering fears, worries, and doubts about the ongoing crew change situation continue to dominate the sentiments among seafarers, according to the Seafarers Happiness Index latest report.  The issue of how seafarers will be vaccinated also came to the fore and … Read More

Frank Coles, CEO of Wallem Group, resigns

Frank Coles, Chief Executive Officer of the Wallem Group, has resigned and will be leaving the Wallem Group shortly, the company’s board confirmed. “As many will be aware Frank has been very active in highlighting the plight of seafarers during … Read More

Landmark ILO ruling says govts failed to protect seafarers’ rights under international law

The International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Committee of Experts issued a ruling that governments have failed in their duty of care towards seafarers under international law during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first ruling of its kind, the committee of 20 … Read More

ITF helped recover more than $1.7 million in owned wages to seafarers

Member unions of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) have helped recover more than $1.7 million in wages owed to seafarers amid a concerning rise in abandonment cases by shipowners. The national union affiliates have assisted more than 135 seafarers … Read More

Many seafarers could quit the industry over mishandling of COVID-19 crew change crisis

Nearly 90% of British seafarers have been affected by the pandemic and one in two is now considering their future in the industry, research from Nautilus International shows. The seafarers have been directly impacted by the crew change crisis, with … Read More

UN agencies support resumption of cruise ship operations

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) have expressed their support for the safe resumption of cruise ship operations following the COVID-19 pandemic. In a joint statement issued on 5 November, the organizations also encouraged their member … Read More

How has going under the radar for the shipping industry backfired today?

The shipping industry is faced with one of the greatest humanitarian crises in years, affecting over half a million people. Six months into the pandemic 300,000 seafarers are stuck at sea, some of them for 17 months, 6 months longer … Read More