In focus: Industries, governments start walking the energy transition walk

The ‘transition’ part of the energy transition is starting to show a more defined shape, and what the world’s path towards being net-zero one day entails, as concrete plans and initiatives increasingly emerge across the energy and transportation sectors. Judging … Read More

UK and Norway chasing electrification of North Sea assets to reach climate goals

As the energy transition has started gaining traction in the last couple of years, no stone is left unturned when it comes to options for reducing carbon emissions, including electrification of oil and gas assets, carbon capture usage and storage, … Read More

In focus: Challenge accepted by oil major while Norway answers offshore wind calls

As the energy transition is unravelling, the industry is paving the way to net-zero by pushing for further emission cuts in addition to new fuels and vessel types that are emerging in response to the urgency of the climate change … Read More

Shell to boldly go and speed up emission cuts as Dutch court ruling bites

Oil and gas major Shell has pledged to take some ‘bold but measured’ steps to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions from its operations following a recent, historic ruling by a Dutch court, ordering the company to speed up its … Read More

In focus: ‘Energy transition, step up your game’

The phrase energy transition is becoming a household name. The two words pop up in countless news articles, studies, and policies. There is a reason why we speak of energy transition instead of energy revolution as it is a process … Read More

In Focus: Renewables making headway as Shell ruling sounds alarm on energy transition urgency

A historic ruling has shaken the energy market this week after a Dutch court ordered oil major Shell to reduce its carbon emissions by 45 per cent by 2030 compared with 2019 levels. The decision was delivered in connection with a … Read More

Dutch court orders Shell to curb emissions in ‘historic ruling’

A Dutch court has ordered oil major Shell to deepen its carbon emissions cuts in a ruling described as the first-of-its-kind, but also the one that Shell plans to appeal. This embedded content is only visible after accepting cookies. Change … Read More

In focus: Industries take new emissions-free steps as IEA maps net-zero path

Several new energy transition developments in the offshore energy and maritime sectors have made headlines this week, contributing to the global 2050 net-zero targets and – at least to some extent – to the ambitious path that International Energy Agency … Read More

In focus: Carbon capture and storage as key element in achieving decarbonisation

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Spotlight on major projects in carbon capture realm

Carbon capture utilization and storage or CCUS has gained momentum as a topic of global interest in the last couple of years as energy transition talks and plans intensified, especially in the offshore energy and maritime industries. Carbon capture is … Read More