Repsol reveals new strategic plan to accelerate energy transition

Spanish oil company Repsol has unveiled its 2021 – 2025 strategic plan which will advance its net-zero emissions objective. Repsol said on Thursday that the new strategy would be highly flexible concerning the macroeconomic environment and that it would be … Read More

Extinction Rebellion activists dump manure outside BP’s UK office accusing it of greenwashing & gaslighting

Members of global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion have dumped manure in front of BP’s offices in Aberdeen as part of its protest against the fossil fuels industry, accusing the oil major of greenwashing and gaslighting. Copyright Extinction Rebellion Extinction Rebellion … Read More

2050 starts in 2020, and it starts with offshore wind and green hydrogen

Humankind achieved its first interstellar flight in 2063 with a spacecraft powered by a warp drive, based on a matter-antimatter system using „dilithium crystals“ and fuelled by deuterium, a hydrogen isotope, and antideuterium, an antimatter equivalent of deuterium. This is … Read More

BP rides the wave of digitalization with reduction in operating costs and revenue boost on the horizon

Oil and gas industry has always been at the forefront of innovation; how else would it be possible to extract oil from the harsh and deepwater environments around the world if not through an innovative approach, adoption of new ideas … Read More

Oil & gas after 2020: Will the latest downturn lead to permanent transformation?

Following its third price collapse in 12 years, the oil and gas industry might be facing a period of transformation. The industry managed to recover from the previous two downturns and continue with business as usual, but this time it … Read More