Ports of Duisburg and Rotterdam looking to establish hydrogen hubs

The port authorities of Duisburg and Rotterdam have signed a letter of intent (LOI) to renew and expand their collaboration, as well as to look for ways for establishing future hydrogen hubs. As explained, the LOI includes agreements on looking into … Read More

Landmark report finds legal grounds to hold fossil fuel firms liable for environmental damage

The findings of a report, which Greenpeace describes as a ‘historic win for climate justice,’ indicate that there are legal grounds to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the harm their actions have historically brought forth to the environment due … Read More

In focus: Great determination for creating net-zero future

A lot of companies involved in the offshore energy sector have already introduced their plans on how to reach the net-zero emissions status by a certain point in the future. In this week’s In Focus, we are spotlighting the most recent … Read More

New energy innovation campus in UK set to transform large-scale manufacturing

A global center of excellence aiming to transform large-scale manufacturing for energy transition-related sectors through innovation and skills development has been launched in the south-east of Scotland. The Arrol Gibb Innovation Campus – AGIC (Courtesy of the University of Edinburgh) … Read More

In focus: Activists take the front line against fossil fuels, as maritime industry steps up clean fuels game

‘Actions, not words’ perfectly summarizes the general feeling of environmental activists who took the front line in fight against fossil fuels industry and its supporters. Living up to their creed, however, is the maritime sector which has also stepped up … Read More

IEA-OES spotlights aquaculture as market for ocean energy in new report

Ocean Energy Systems (OES), a technology collaboration program within the International Energy Agency (IEA), has published a new study on ocean renewable energy technologies and their application in the offshore aquaculture industry. Illustration/Aqua Power Technologies’ MANTA wave energy device installed … Read More

In focus: Governments around the globe embracing renewable energy revolution

The week behind us saw many nations exploring renewable energy opportunities to cope with the global energy crisis. Premium content Checking for account. You need javascript to validate your login status. Premium Premium content Subscribe to continue Become a PREMIUM … Read More

In focus: Americas take the offshore energy helm

The industry has been evidently hitting the pause button ahead of Easter. However, it seems like one part of the world still keeps going without slowing down. The Americas took the spotlight this week in offshore energy news headlines, with … Read More

Spain sets forth regulations for floating solar installations to bolster energy security

Responding to the energy crisis instigated by the war in Ukraine, the Government of Spain has outlined a set of regulations for the installation of floating solar power plants on around a hundred state-owned hydropower reservoirs. Premium content Checking for … Read More

Green hydrogen-based fuels are the best option for shipping’s green transition, report finds

Green hydrogen and green hydrogen-derived ammonia are the only scalable fuels that can achieve the emission reduction targets set forth in the Paris Agreement, a new report has found. Illustration. Courtesy of IMO on Flickr The report, entitled “Future Maritime … Read More