GCube, Clir Optimize Renewable Energy Insurance Services with AI Data Analysis

Fraser McLachlan GCube, an underwriter for renewable energy projects, has launched a data-powered insurance offering. The service, supported by Clir, will leverage AI-led analytics and data sets to offer enhanced terms and reduced premiums for wind and solar operating companies. … Read More

Subsea cables account for over 50 pct of total claims spend in offshore wind – GCube Insurance

Combined market losses in offshore wind grew from GBP 124 million (around EUR 145 million) in 2010-2015 to GBP 500 million (around EUR 585 million) by 2020, with the average insurance claim nearly doubling from GBP 1.67 million (around EUR … Read More

Offshore Wind Needs Further Reset with Rising Frequency of Claims

Fraser McLachlan Increasing focus on cost-competitiveness has led to prolific cost-cutting in the design, manufacture, construction and operation of offshore wind over the past decade. This competitiveness has increasingly come at the expense of quality control, increasing the frequency and … Read More