Yield identified as key cost reduction driver for HelioRec floating solar tech

Under the auspices of the Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) project, a French start-up HelioRec worked together with Irish techno-financial analysis provider Exceedence on the assessment of levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and key cost drivers for the company’s floating solar … Read More

HelioRec explores linking floating solar with AI

French start-up HelioRec has teamed up with information technology company Digital Dood to explore linking floating solar technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to address various blue economy challenges. Illustration/HelioRec testing its floating solar system at Ecole Centrale de Nantes (Screenshot/Video … Read More

In focus: Working together towards a sustainable future

The energy transition process is moving ahead with each passing day as witnessed in a week behind us with a lot of announcements highlighting the net-zero future. A good example of the will to change comes from CNOOC Petroleum Europe … Read More