IMO says transition to LSFO went extremely smooth with only 55 FONAR reports

The transition to low sulphur in fuel oil in 2020 saw only 55 cases of 0.50% compliant fuel being unavailable, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) said describing the switch extremely smooth. The IMO gave the possibility for shipowners to be … Read More

JIT ship ops save fuel, cut emissions, new trial shows

Another desktop trial in Just-In-Time (JIT) ship operations has yielded positive results, showing that vessel emissions can be cut considerably, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) said. As explained, JIT operations have the potential to cut the time ships spend idling outside ports and help reduce … Read More

SSY: IMO measures fail to speed up global fleet rejuvenation

The new IMO measures addressing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) have been met with a lot of criticism from the industry as they are likely to slow down the demolition of older, less-efficient ships until they enter into force. To remind, … Read More

IMO agrees to further evaluate $5 billion R&D fund proposal

The IMO member states have agreed to give further consideration to the industry-led proposal for the establishment of a $5 billion research and development fund aimed at accelerating the introduction of zero-emission technologies into the shipping industry. The fund is … Read More

The Clean Arctic Alliance says IMO’s ban leaves Arctic vulnerable to HFO spill for another decade

The Clean Arctic Alliance slammed the decision by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to approve a ban on the use and carriage of heavy fuel oil in the Arctic (HFO), saying that it would leave the Arctic, its Indigenous communities … Read More

UN agencies support resumption of cruise ship operations

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) have expressed their support for the safe resumption of cruise ship operations following the COVID-19 pandemic. In a joint statement issued on 5 November, the organizations also encouraged their member … Read More

Shipping needs to step up and introduce a carbon levy before EU does

IMO headquarters; Image courtesy: IMO/Flickr under CC by 2.0With the EU advancing on its plans to include international shipping in its Emissions Trading System (ETS), the pressure is on for the international maritime industry to introduce a market-wide measure to … Read More

How has going under the radar for the shipping industry backfired today?

The shipping industry is faced with one of the greatest humanitarian crises in years, affecting over half a million people. Six months into the pandemic 300,000 seafarers are stuck at sea, some of them for 17 months, 6 months longer … Read More