In focus: More countries opting for renewables instead of fossil fuels

More and more countries around the world are preparing to shift to renewable energy and gradually quit the fossil fuel game with dozens of new commitments, projects, and initiatives announced in the week behind us. Premium content Checking for account. … Read More

In focus: G7 puts fossil fuel financing in crosshairs, commits to electricity sector decarbonization

The latest meeting of the G7 ministers for climate, energy, and environment has resulted in further commitments from the world’s most developed countries to curb the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C and assist the countries affected the most by … Read More

In focus: Out with the oil, in with the new! Or is it?

The keyword in energy transition is transition, a process that often involves constant tweaking and going back and forth between the gains and benefits of the old, and the betterment that will come with the new. In the energy sector, … Read More

In focus: Europe’s political balancing act within offshore energy realm

European governments’ efforts to balance the security of the energy supply and climate change materialised in the form of a plan, which is expected to reduce its dependence on Russian fossil fuels and fast forward the green transition. Premium content … Read More

In focus: the road ahead and the future of energy

When it comes to securing energy in a sustainable way in the future, we have entered a junction where we have to choose a way forward. When you come to a point like this, it is good to stop, look … Read More

In focus: Activists take the front line against fossil fuels, as maritime industry steps up clean fuels game

‘Actions, not words’ perfectly summarizes the general feeling of environmental activists who took the front line in fight against fossil fuels industry and its supporters. Living up to their creed, however, is the maritime sector which has also stepped up … Read More

In focus: Governments around the globe embracing renewable energy revolution

The week behind us saw many nations exploring renewable energy opportunities to cope with the global energy crisis. Premium content Checking for account. You need javascript to validate your login status. Premium Premium content Subscribe to continue Become a PREMIUM … Read More

In focus: Americas take the offshore energy helm

The industry has been evidently hitting the pause button ahead of Easter. However, it seems like one part of the world still keeps going without slowing down. The Americas took the spotlight this week in offshore energy news headlines, with … Read More

In focus: Industry making strides on its journey to sustainable future

The current geopolitical crisis has been seen by many as a wake-up call and a nudge the world needed to pivot towards renewables, which are perceived as pillars of a net-zero future. In light of this, the offshore energy industry … Read More

In focus: Both political and corporate efforts needed to amp up transition to clean energy

Both government and commercial efforts are needed to speed up the transition to clean energy, since, as Shell says, the transition is not just about reducing CO2 emissions, but it is rather a political balancing act that needs government-led policies. … Read More