Lex de Groot: “We have a Speaking Up Culture”

Lex de Groot, Managing Director of Neptune Energy, is a guest in the new episode of the Navingo Career Podcast. For a fossil energy company, Lex de Groot is by no means a ‘fossil’ leader. Its business operations are modern … Read More

Solar Boat Team experience: “It was really amazing. I would do it again instantly!”

Anna Koper, Student of Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), who joined the university’s Solar Boat Team last year and found herself at the forefront of sustainable energy innovation, shares her experience. Anna Koper (Screenshot/Video by … Read More

DMEC CEO: Marine energy is ready to go

As part of our OEEC 2021 interviews segment, Britta Schaffmeister, CEO of Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), talks about the need for innovative clean energy solutions to successfully fight the climate change, and how marine energy is ready to step … Read More

An energetic stroll down the Port of Rotterdam Pavilion

Navingo’s Coco Kossmann has visited the Pavilion of the Port of Rotterdam to get a feel of what’s happening at the industry cluster whose ambition is to become the Europe’s ultimate for offshore energy. L to R: Joost Eenhuizen; Coco … Read More

Wrap up of OEEC 2021: See you again next year

Anne Visser, Director of Operations at Navingo BV, and Coco Kossmann have closed the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference and the Navingo Career Event 2021. Event Wrap Up with Anne Visser and Coco Kossmann (Screenshot/Video by Navingo) After two days … Read More

Just in: Offshore wind updates from France and Japan

In the Market updates live broadcast, we hear from industry experts from Japan and France about the current local offshore wind situation and some project updates. Justus Schoemaker, director and owner of DUJAM Desk (Dutch-Japanese Maritime Desk), gives us a … Read More

MARIN explains what it takes to join leading Dutch maritime research institute

During the second interview of the day focused on insights and tips shared by the employers for future workforce, representatives from the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) have described the profile of its desired employee. L to R: Floor Spaargaren; … Read More

Interview with Silverstream CEO: Increasing ship efficiency a matter of business survival

Ship owners will have to make their vessels more efficient regardless of the pathway they choose to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2030 and ultimately 2050. Making vessels more efficient will be vital in … Read More