Major UK project to unlock untapped potential of ocean renewable energy fuels

An innovative £10 million research project, led by the University of Strathclyde, has been set up to investigate the potential of harnessing offshore wind and marine renewable energy to produce zero-carbon hydrogen and ammonia fuels. Illustration (Courtesy of the University … Read More

What’s ahead for offshore energy workforce as the world strives for net-zero?

As the energy transition is accelerating across the offshore energy industry, a question arises: what will happen to its workforce? Premium content You are currently not logged into your account. Register and get a two week trial. You need javascript … Read More

In focus: Oil & gas players taking lead roles in energy transition

A number of energy transition-related updates hit our headlines this week, from new developments in the renewables sector to further initiatives in ship decarbonisation – and oil & gas companies’ new moves in both of those, and more. Premium content … Read More

Call for more action on UK’s net-zero skills strategy to avoid oil & gas workers being left stranded

The Energy Institute (EI), a membership body bringing together expertise for urgent global challenges, has revealed that the UK’s net-zero strategy must assemble a mass skilled workforce, but action to bring on the necessary workforce is pressing due to concerns … Read More

In focus: Bridging the gaps in hydrogen technologies

A collection of energy transition-related updates across the industry was heavily focused on hydrogen and its role in reaching net-zero goals. Premium content You are currently not logged into your account. Register and get a two week trial. You need … Read More

MeyGen delivers record-breaking 37GWh to UK grid as SIMEC Atlantis trims year-end losses

SIMEC Atlantis Energy, the developer of the MeyGen tidal energy project, has reduced the financial losses for 2020 – the year in which MeyGen tidal array exported over 37GWh of clean power to the UK grid, breaking every record for … Read More

German airport operator in talks over offshore wind PPA

A German airport operator has closed a tender call looking to procure electricity produced by offshore wind turbines in the country. While the latest tender notice shows that the procedure ended without an awarded contract, a recent update from the … Read More

In focus: Industries, governments start walking the energy transition walk

The ‘transition’ part of the energy transition is starting to show a more defined shape, and what the world’s path towards being net-zero one day entails, as concrete plans and initiatives increasingly emerge across the energy and transportation sectors. Judging … Read More

Baron Oil tightens grip on Chuditch PSC off Timor-Leste

UK-based and AIM-listed oil and gas company Baron Oil has bought the remaining 15 per cent stake in a SundaGas subsidiary and with that increased its interest in the Chuditch discovery and prospects. Baron Oil said on Friday that it … Read More

Hydrogen – the coolest thing you can put on a ship

Hydrogen (LH2), be it blue, or green, is at the heart of the energy transition talks taking place around the globe, especially as major economies of the world pledge to become net-zero nations. Large liquefied hydrogen carrier (cargo carrying capacity: 40,000 m3 … Read More