EU eyes more offshore renewables, meshed grid infrastructure in Atlantic Ocean

The European Union is considering tapping into more of its offshore renewable energy sources farther out in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where it plans to study not only the technical potential of offshore wind and wave and tidal … Read More

New strategy requires UK oil and gas sector to support net-zero target

A revised Strategy from the UK’s petroleum regulator Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), featuring a range of new net-zero obligations for the UK oil and gas industry, was submitted for laying before the UK Parliament on Wednesday, 16 December 2020. … Read More

Denmark to end oil and gas era in 2050

The Danish Parliament has announced that it will cancel all future licensing rounds for new oil and gas exploration and production permits in the Danish part of the North Sea and end existing production by 2050. As a major oil-producing … Read More

Deep dive into oil and gas exploration – then, now, and ahead

With the oil and gas industry in early stages of pivoting to a lower carbon future, the level of investment drastically shrinking first during the 2014 downturn and then again, even quicker, during the 2020 downturn, what will become of … Read More

Fifty shades of collaboration in time of energy transition

There is little doubt that the past few years have witnessed the rise of energy-related collaborations to an extent never seen before. This is because cross-industry collaborations seem to be crucial for companies to ride the energy transition train which … Read More

Equinor’s NY offshore wind plans could bring 350 jobs in Port of Albany

If Equinor’s bids are successful at New York State’s latest offshore wind solicitation, that could lead to creation of up to 350 jobs related to manufacturing of wind turbine components at the Port of Albany in upstate New York. Namely, … Read More

The future of seismic data acquisition

Seismic surveys have for decades been a key part of offshore exploration, producing comprehensive imagery of sub-bottom rock formations that allow the location and evaluation of oil and gas deposits. They also find their use in assessments of the seabed … Read More

Danish developers scout for brainpower for three nearshore wind projects

HOFOR and Lillebælt Vind have issued a few calls for tender prequalification over the past several days as part of their plans to build offshore/nearshore wind farms in the Øresund and Lillebælt areas in Denmark. The two Danish companies are … Read More

2050 starts in 2020, and it starts with offshore wind and green hydrogen

Humankind achieved its first interstellar flight in 2063 with a spacecraft powered by a warp drive, based on a matter-antimatter system using „dilithium crystals“ and fuelled by deuterium, a hydrogen isotope, and antideuterium, an antimatter equivalent of deuterium. This is … Read More

Digitalization: the good, the bad and the ugly

When I was just starting my career in the maritime news reporting business, I remember being approached by a reputable editor of a printed magazine in his late 60s at a major trade fair in Hamburg, who asked which publication … Read More