Landmark report finds legal grounds to hold fossil fuel firms liable for environmental damage

The findings of a report, which Greenpeace describes as a ‘historic win for climate justice,’ indicate that there are legal grounds to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the harm their actions have historically brought forth to the environment due … Read More

In focus: Activists take the front line against fossil fuels, as maritime industry steps up clean fuels game

‘Actions, not words’ perfectly summarizes the general feeling of environmental activists who took the front line in fight against fossil fuels industry and its supporters. Living up to their creed, however, is the maritime sector which has also stepped up … Read More

In focus: Governments around the globe embracing renewable energy revolution

The week behind us saw many nations exploring renewable energy opportunities to cope with the global energy crisis. Premium content Checking for account. You need javascript to validate your login status. Premium Premium content Subscribe to continue Become a PREMIUM … Read More

In focus: Americas take the offshore energy helm

The industry has been evidently hitting the pause button ahead of Easter. However, it seems like one part of the world still keeps going without slowing down. The Americas took the spotlight this week in offshore energy news headlines, with … Read More

ExxonMobil eyes carbon capture hub in Gippsland to unlock Australian CCS potential

U.S.-based energy giant ExxonMobil is putting the wheels into motion to gauge the potential for a carbon capture and storage (CCS) hub in the Gippsland Basin in a bid to explore, reveal and open more CCS opportunities in Australia. ExxonMobil … Read More

In focus: Industry making strides on its journey to sustainable future

The current geopolitical crisis has been seen by many as a wake-up call and a nudge the world needed to pivot towards renewables, which are perceived as pillars of a net-zero future. In light of this, the offshore energy industry … Read More

Activists block 10 oil facilities across UK to demand immediate halt to new fossil fuel projects

On a quest to end further fossil fuel extraction, environmental activists from groups in the Just Stop Oil coalition and Extinction Rebellion have blocked ten oil terminals across the UK, demanding a stop to new oil and gas projects and … Read More

UK oil & gas regulator rebrands to reflect role in energy transition

UK’s oil and gas regulator, the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), has changed its name to the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) to reflect its evolving role in the energy transition. In 2021, the OGA revised its strategy to put … Read More

Post-merger with Aker BP, Lundin Energy leaving behind oil & gas business to focus on renewables

Following the completion of the merger of Aker BP’s and Lundin Energy’s E&P businesses, the latter will remain with renewable energy assets, which will operate as a standalone business, focusing on creating opportunities within the energy transition and contributing to … Read More

In focus: To net-zero and beyond

In recent years we have seen a number of companies active in the offshore energy sector pledging to reach the net-zero emissions status by a certain point in the future. This week we reported on the first time an offshore … Read More