Equinor man joins Oil & Gas UK board as co-chair

Oil & Gas UK, a representative body for the UK oil and gas industry, has announced the appointment of a new co-chair to its board, as the sector focuses on the industry’s recovery whilst meeting net-zero targets for 2021. Arne … Read More

New strategy requires UK oil and gas sector to support net-zero target

A revised Strategy from the UK’s petroleum regulator Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), featuring a range of new net-zero obligations for the UK oil and gas industry, was submitted for laying before the UK Parliament on Wednesday, 16 December 2020. … Read More

UK: The Crown Estate commits to net zero by 2030

The UK Crown Estate has set a target to become a net zero carbon business by 2030 and outlined its commitments to reach this goal, which include optimising the green energy potential of the UK’s offshore renewable energy resources. The … Read More

OGA launches study to create potential energy hub

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has hired Progressive Energy to conduct an in-depth feasibility study which would identify the value of establishing an energy hub on the Norfolk coast. OGA said that a preliminary assessment of Bacton was already … Read More

Repsol reveals new strategic plan to accelerate energy transition

Spanish oil company Repsol has unveiled its 2021 – 2025 strategic plan which will advance its net-zero emissions objective. Repsol said on Thursday that the new strategy would be highly flexible concerning the macroeconomic environment and that it would be … Read More