Turkey imposes harsher maritime pollution fines

Turkey has increased the levels of maritime pollution fines raising them by 9.11 %, according to the Standard Club. Environmental pollution fines are revised annually and declared in the Official Gazette for the respective year. The fines relate to pollution … Read More

Turkey could work with foreign firms to develop Sakarya gas field

Turkey stated that there is a possibility that it would cooperate with foreign companies to develop its massive discovery in the Black Sea. According to an article by Reuters, Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez stated that the country would operate … Read More

Rystad Energy: Giant Tuna-1 discovery could save Turkey $21 billion

If Turkey develops the giant Tuna-1 (Danube-1) gas discovery, it could potentially save the country up to $21 billion in import costs, Rystad Energy estimates. Rystad said on Wednesday that this would depend on the field’s peak output, which remains … Read More

Turkey to continue exploring disputed area in East Mediterranean

Turkey is carrying on with its exploration attempts in a disputed area of the East Mediterranean until mid-September which tensed up the country’s relationship with Greece even further. Namely, Turkey said on Monday that its Oruc Reis exploration vessel will … Read More