Few environments on earth are as corrosive as those which offshore structures are exposed to. From the sea floor foundations to ocean platforms, to the burgeoning shale plays and the tens of thousands of rigs, pumps, trucks, tanks, plumbing and pipelines- TESLAN coatings can help protect all their steel surfaces from oxidation. Our unique two-step coatings reduce the dangers associated with corrosion and the cost of fighting rust.

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The Unique Performance of TESLAN

Oil and gas producers throughout the world are searching for solutions to reduce maintenance costs and minimize failure risks. These producers are turning to TESLAN, which has been used on offshore rigs in the Middle East, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and West Africa. In all of the applications, TESLAN has been able to reduce maintenance costs anywhere from 30% to 50%.

Whether you have corrosion to deal with on offshore rigs, well-site surface production equipment, or downhole tubular products, TESLAN provides unmatched protection. Oil and gas operations must contend with salt water, production fluids, impact and abrasion and many other corrosion-inducing factors.

Extensive nanotechnology research and development prove that TESLAN’s patented two-coat system outperforms conventional three-coat paint jobs for superior protection of steel in the most extreme oil and gas production environments. No matter when or where you need TESLAN corrosion protection, we are able to deliver to your project’s schedule and specifications.

TESLAN’s Revolutionary Carbon Nanotube Technology

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Whether at the splash or tidal zones, top side, bottom side or immersion- offshore production can be particularly problematic. Salt water and other corrosive compounds threaten steel’s strength and integrity by posing the risk of oxidation.

Our primer includes zinc, known for its ability to act as a protective coating for steel thanks to its galvanic properties. This means that zinc will oxidize before steel does when exposed to harsh saltwater environments.

The addition of conductive carbon nanotubes (CNT) drastically improves the conductivity of the coating, since CNT has 1000 times the conductivity of copper. This allows for more efficient use of the metal content in a galvanic primer like ours.

Electrons from zinc are donated along the CNT quantum network to maximize cathodic protection of the steel beneath.

With an affinity for steel and the strength provided by the CNT reinforced film, TESLAN demonstrates far superior adhesion to any other protective coating. Pull test results routinely exceed 5,500 lbs./

CNT’s mechanical properties can be engineered into epoxy and impart those properties into the film. These benefits include tremendous tensile strength, up to 200 times of steel providing outstanding barrier properties, the ability to eliminate microcracking and prevent film breakdown from weathering. You can expect nothing less from the strongest material known to man.

Apply TESLAN Easily to Offshore Structures

TESLAN’s two-coat system is a formulation featuring carbon nanotubes and their unique mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. It applies as easily as paint, but demonstrates the toughness of a plating.

When applied to oil and gas production structures and equipment, TESLAN forms a protective barrier that is stronger than conventional rust-resistant paints and exhibits self-healing characteristics to withstand impacts and abrasions.

Tesla NanoCoatings’ wet-on-wet process enables applicators to apply the topcoat only 30 to 45 minutes after the primer has been applied. This wet-on-wet process delivers major time and cost savings, along with technologically advanced corrosion protection because the primer and topcoat monolithically bond to each other.

A study was conducted to evaluate the effect CNT’s have in edge retention properties. The incorporation of CNT’s into epoxy composite coatings can significantly improve edge retention. Our coatings’ superior edge retention means that stripe coatings is not required on any project, saving you time and money. Since the coatings do not drip or sag, the complete job can be done by spraying only.

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To learn more about how TESLAN coatings can offer superior protection of steel assets like rigs and offshore structures in just a fraction of the time, give us a call or send us an email today.

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