Tesla NanoCoatings


“I have used Teslan for over 5 years and can attest to its ability to improve a shop’s efficiency through its wet-on-wet application method, and it has improved our bottom line by reducing warranty claims and rework.”
Shawn R.
“Tesla NanoCoatings is taking advantage of technology to develop products that deliver better corrosion protection for the long term, good people making great products to safeguard our assets.”
Cathy P.
“Every time I search for better coating products, I always come back to you and your company.”
Thomas M.
"Here at Weston and Associates, LLC, we separate from our competitors by ALWAYS providing the highest quality products. Tesla NanoCoatings’ "Wonder" Coatings does just that. Most of our competitors are simply "getting by" by powder coating their products. We didn't want to fall into the same trends... Because we chose Tesla's NanoCoatings technology we were able to give them maximum life."
“Several years ago I worked on the vetting of Tesla NanoCoatings for use on offshore oil production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The products performed exceptionally in extensive laboratory and field testing, and the customer support for end users was top-notch. They were incorporated into our specifications and are still in use today.”

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