Certrec, a provider for NRC and NERC regulatory compliance and advanced online solutions, is now offering Certrec On-Demand Regulatory Expertise (CORE) Support hours. CORE Support hours can be redeemed by clients at any time to be used for a multitude of compliance-related tasks. Hours can be purchased with our different product and service offerings or by themselves.

Clients can use CORE Support hours when they prepare for a big inspection or face a significant NRC regulatory outcome, such as for traditional enforcement issues. Hours can be used to support NERC audit preparation, self-assessments, mock inspections, and more.

“Think of CORE Support Hours as your bench strength,” explained Michelle Thomas, Certrec’s Executive Director of Operations. “You may have a question that could mean hours taken away from productive functions while you do the research, or you can use CORE Support. CORE Support gives you on-demand access to our diverse team of compliance experts at any time for everything related to NERC and NRC regulatory compliance.”

From causal analyses to regulatory conference preparation to procedure updates, CORE Support ensures that your compliance program is implemented efficiently by expert professionals who can be called upon at any time, day or night.

“There are so many parts to regulatory compliance that it is hard to have all the expert knowledge on your staff to be successful,” notes Ted Enos, Certrec President/CEO. “Our team of experts possesses more than 1,500 cumulative hours across many different disciplines. With CORE hours, you get access to all of them, and they can fill in so that you can focus on your main job.”

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