Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives (IEA), an infrastructure construction company with renewable energy and civil expertise, has been awarded a $49 million contract for the Deerfield II Wind Farm in Michigan.

The award is for the construction of the approximately 110-MW utility-scale wind farm in Huron County, Michigan.

Algonquin Power & Utilities, a North American renewable energy and regulated utility company, awarded the project to White Construction, a subsidiary of IEA that manages utility-scale renewable energy and heavy civil infrastructure projects. The construction will start in April 2022.

IEA will self-perform all of the engineering, procurement and construction needs of the project, including the construction of a 41-mile collection system, the installation of 5.5 miles of private access roads, a substation and a meteorological evaluation tower and the erection of 21 wind turbine generators.

The project is being designed with the natural environment in mind, avoiding or minimizing impacts to wetlands and streams, maximizing the protection of existing drainage systems and local vegetation and conducting site-specific bird conservation strategies in preparation for the site.

Huron County, where the Deerfield II Wind Farm is being built, has 472 wind turbines, which is the most installed wind turbines of any county in the state. Together with Huron County, the Sanilac and Tuscola Counties, which make up the region called “Michigan’s Thumb,” account for 59% of total electricity output in the state.

“IEA built the first phase of Deerfield in 2016, and we are proud to partner again with Algonquin and increase Michigan’s wind resources,” said Chris Hanson, IEA’s executive VP of renewable energy. “Projects like the Deerfield II Wind Farm will bring the state one step closer to its goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions no later than 2050, and IEA is pleased to be able to contribute to this important effort.”

To date, IEA has constructed more than 20 GW of renewable energy projects across North America.

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