TEGAM has released a new 710A grounding and bond meter ideal for at-height wind turbine repair jobs. TEGAM’s new BKDP-M2 Display Probe puts the metering information in your hand with its display in the probe body to keep the information in your field of vision. The highly visible OLED display is readable in dark areas and brightly lit ones. A hold button is also incorporated into the probe to freeze a reading and refer to it later.

“This is truly a revolutionary advance in ergonomics. I have been working in the handheld meter market for over 30 years and have not seen anything more useful,” says Kevin Kaufman, VP of Sales.

The BKDP-M2 also completes a true 4-wire measurement for accurate low Ohms measurements but also can be outfitted with a range of replaceable probe tips. The proper tip can be selected to match the application and can be replaced by the operator without tools.

The BKDP-M2 Display Probe complements the  accuracy of the 710A Bond Meter and can be added at the time of purchase or after. The Display Probe does not need to be calibrated nor does it affect the accuracy of the readings.

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