Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories AG has released its latest drone solution, 3DX Smart Pilot, specifically developed for complex site geographies that require quick, highly portable turbine blade inspection solutions.

“The compact design of 3DX SmartPilot makes it particularly well-suited for inspections of wind farms operating in very remote locations but also for ad-hoc inspections. It’s like carrying out inspections from a backpack. Deployable worldwide, our new plug-and-play solution is highly flexible and will overcome most logistical and customs restrictions. Once onsite, it can be deployed instantly,” commented Tom Sulzer, Sulzer Schmid co-founder and CEO.

The 3DX SmartPilot Solution is powered by Sulzer Schmid’s proprietary software and compatible with most small off-the-shelf DJI drones. It is designed to deliver semi-autonomous inspections carried out by a drone pilot with the assistance of the 3DX software to ensure optimal flight paths. The inspection data is uploaded, processed, and analyzed in the 3DX Blade Platform, the most advanced data management system for blade inspections.

“This is the most economical solution because it only requires lower-cost hardware without proprietary payload. At the same time, it delivers all the value of the 3DX Blade Platform with no compromise on data processing and smart analytics. Thanks to this latest innovation, we can now ensure that the data of wind assets, no matter where they are located, is captured cost-effectively within Sulzer Schmid’s stringent quality standards,” concluded Sulzer.

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