Parker Accumulator and Cooler, a motion and control technologies manufacturer, has developed a line of replacement kits for bladder-style accumulators used in wind turbines. The kits let wind turbine technicians replace bladders in the field, avoiding potential downtime and power capacity disruption.

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The bladder replacement kits are engineered with rubber compounds that Parker formulated specifically for demanding wind turbine applications where long service life is critical to system performance. The proprietary compounds buna nitrile, hydrin, butyl, EPR, fluorocarbon, and Neoprene suit various fluids and temperatures.

Parker’s elastomer bladder materials are manufactured to withstand vibration and reduce gas permeation in extreme temperatures, avoiding pre-charge losses that can lead to poor performance and premature bladder failure when left unchecked.

“With industry-leading Greer and Olaer bladder products, Parker has over 70 years of expertise in formulating proven bladder compounds and making the finest quality bladder accumulators,” said Bob Rajabi, global business development manager, Parker Accumulator and Cooler Division. “Our bladder replacement kits are designed with sustained performance in mind, delivering lower lifecycle costs on expensive systems. Understanding the availability of spare parts is critical for wind farm owners and operators to keep their operations running smoothly, we stock thousands of specialized wind turbine supplies to meet fast lead times.”

Parker’s bladder replacement kits are available in capacities ranging from 2.5 to 15 gallons (10 to 57 liters) with several gas valve types and stem sizes. Parker spare parts are sold globally from authorized distributors and Parker Repair Centers. The new bladder replacement kits offered by Parker Accumulator and Cooler may also be used on corresponding non-Parker manufactured accumulators.

Additional Parker bladder replacement kit features include:

  • Dual certified to ASME and PED
  • An extended lifetime with increased fatigue resistance
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40°F to 225°F (-40°C to 107°C)

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