Reflex Marine, global providers of offshore crew and cargo access solutions, has launched a webinar series dedicated to marine crew and cargo transfers to continue raising safety standards for offshore crew transfers. The webinar series is split into two main themes: industry-focus and solutions-focus. They look at the specific challenges related to crew and cargo logistics in offshore industries and the best solutions depending on the operational scenarios and circumstances.

“While 2020 created obstacles for all of us in how we can effectively communicate with our clients and partners, we want to make sure the message and drive for continuous improvement of safety standards remain strong. We agreed the best way to ensure the dialogue is still in place is to launch these webinars,” said Reflex Marine’s Chief Operating Officer Sandra Antonovic.

Reflex Marine was the first company in the offshore crew transfer sector to engage in cross-industry research into the safety standards and incident records of this type of activity. Based on the data collected and analyzed, Reflex Marine developed industry guidance and led a number of initiatives aimed at improving safety at sea. Its products create an industry benchmark for safe personnel transfer and have won multiple awards over the years (e.g. Health & Safety Award for the FROG-XT at the Global Petroleum Show or Seatrade’s Safety at Sea Award for the WAVE-4 design).

The spotlight of the first industry-focus webinar was the LNG industry and accessing restricted landing areas. The next themed event on FPSOs and deepwater operations is scheduled for January 2021. The webinars are free-to-attend and all webinar recordings are also available on-demand on Reflex Marine’s YouTube channel.

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