Reygar, an offshore renewable energy sector monitoring systems provider, has been commissioned to develop an industry-first motion comfort monitoring tool within BareFLEET, Reygar’s remote monitoring and reporting platform. The new tool will track and analyze motion, fuel consumption and crew sickness in different cabin locations, with a specific focus on boosting safety and fitness to work aboard vessels supporting critical multi-day work at Siemens Gamesa projects.

The proliferation of large, remote offshore wind projects — particularly in regions characterized by challenging sea conditions — has only increased the need for greater granularity around vessel data. To service these projects, technicians are required to spend more time at sea, often multiple consecutive days. It is therefore crucial that offshore wind vessel operators are able to ensure that the well-being of the crew and technicians they transport to these projects is protected.

The BareFLEET system that Siemens Gamesa has commissioned automatically monitors the health and performance of critical equipment across each vessel, inclusive of engine health, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, motion and impact onto the turbine. The system also allows the crew to manually input supplementary data and observations into a customer-specific digital reporting platform, with the resulting DPR form customized to bring Siemens Gamesa’s own key performance indicators and priority data fields, such as crew comfort, to the fore.

“As wind projects move further offshore into areas of higher wind resource, it is paramount that charterers and vessel operators are equipped with the true understanding of vessel motions and personnel comfort they need to keep these projects — and the people constructing and maintaining them — performing at their best, Chris Huxley-Reynard,” Managing Director, Reygar Ltd, said. “Motion data measured across different cabin locations and different vessels, sourced via BareFLEET while in transit and while idling, will advise Siemens Gamesa’s chartered vessel operators on how to guarantee the crew and technicians are housed and transported in such a way that they can continue do their jobs effectively across multi-day projects.”

René Wigmans, head of offshore service logistics, Siemens Gamesa, said: “With the global energy transition well underway, we are increasingly focused on how digitalization can power the efficient and safe roll-out of our technology across projects in exciting, rapidly growing markets such as the US and Taiwan. Our work with Reygar to further integrate BareFLEET’s detailed motion reporting into our offshore activity will support our team in maximizing operational efficiency and reducing vessel CO2 emissions whilst securing the health and comfort of our crew as they work on these flagship — yet often remote – sites.”

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