On Jan. 27, 2020 a coalition of wireless providers wrote a letter imploring President Joe Biden to address the significant manpower shortage the telecommunications industry is facing. The team at Ronin Revolution has heard this call to action and is ready to help. Ronin is inviting universities, colleges, trade schools or technical training houses that currently are training future at-height workers for a career in telecom or the wind industry to contact the company Ronin will donate a free powered rope ascender to train and educate the future workforce.

As addressed in the letter to the President, swift action is necessary to keep up and maintain a global advantage in the race for 5G. Ronin’s “Educate to Elevate”: Power Ascender Training Program was conceived by Ronin Revolution Corporation to provide the following benefits to the at-height community:

  • Hands on access to Ronin Lift Powered Ascender equipment in a training environment to promote the following:
    • Increased worker safety
    • Eliminate physical barriers to entry for new climbers
    • Career longevity
    • Lessen the impact of on-the-job fatigue
    • Increased efficiency

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