Tesla NanoCoatings is truly revolutionizing the coatings industry with its incredible carbon nanotechnology.  Its breakthrough coating technology is solving corrosion problems through sustainable chemistry that is user friendly and saves owners time and money.

We receive many requests asking about carbon nanotechnology and markets this coating technology may serve and we invite you all to tune in to the Global Topic Video Podcast to hear the answers.  Global Topic is hosted by Jim Kunkle of AMPP and he recently spent a few minutes with Joe Davis our Vice President of Product and Application Engineering.  The video podcast covers a brief discussion between Jim and Joe regarding carbon nanotubes origins and what benefits they impart to corrosion resistant coatings and linings.

To gain a better understanding our carbon nanotechnology and how it can solve your most challenging corrosion issues, please follow this link to Corrosion Control Industry: Carbon NanoTechnology & NanoCoatings for Corrosion Protection – YouTube.

I would also encourage you to visit www.teslanano.com to get the latest information and to learn more about Tesla NanoCoatings and our innovative technology.

Please contact me with any corrosion problems you are facing.

Malcolm Kerr

Tesla Nanocoatings